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Filipino cuisine is an intriguing blend of Malay, Spanish and Chinese influences. Visitors are often surprised at how mellow to the tongue the Filipino dishes can be. Especially, after experiencing the fiery curry dishes of Thailand and others. The Philippines is known for it’s fresh tropical fruits, rice is one of the main staples and all the fresh seafood imaginable!

Some typical Philippine dishes worth trying –

Chicken Adobo – Meat dish

Lumpia – Egg roll

Pancit – Noodles

Sinigang – Filipino Sour Broth Dish

  • What to drink

Thirsty? Well when visiting the Philippines you will find yourself quenching your thirst with fresh juices and local brews! On the healthy side, there are non-alcoholic juices made from fresh tropical fruits. Looking for something a little more exciting? San Miguel beer is a regular throughout the country. You can also find some pretty potent local brews in the rural areas.

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